The world's leading organization to promote open source Bitcoin mining solutions

Featured Members

Every quarter we host a poll where members get to vote on who they think has earned a reward. Whether it be because they have made the most progress on a project, or for always being an active member of the community!

Projects in OSMU

  • Bitaxe
  • Nerdminer & NerdAxe
  • PiAxe, 0xAxe & QAxe
  • AntSniffer
  • Public Pool
  • BitHalo
  • BitHub
  • Flexaxe
  • RaAxe

Who we are

Founded in March 2023, Open Source Miners United is the world's hub for open source Bitcoin mining projects.

Open Source

Everything we do is released to the public as free and open source. This includes the schematics, manufacturing files, bill of materials, etc. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, therefore making the only way to mine it closed source, is antithetical to Bitcoin itself.

Community Driven

All projects in the Open Source Miners United community are done with teamwork in mind. OSMU is the place to collaborate, discuss, tinker, and design open source Bitcoin mining solutions with a community of over 2000 people, many with years of electronics engineering experience from the likes of Apple, Bitmain, and more.

Bitcoin Focused

Bitcoin is the only true decentralized cryptocurrency (in our opinions) that is worth pursuing with our goal of furthering the open source mining space.


We are expanding all over the globe! We have a diverse membership from the likes of The United States, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Turkey, and many more!